What Feng Shui Plants To Put In A Celtic Herb Garden

Article by: Wicker Paradise 

While you might not have thought of doing so before, it is actually quite possible to combine different teachings into one garden and to still meet all the requirements of both. Doing this is actually a great idea in that since whether Celtic or Feng Shui, both require harmony.

A good thing about the Celtic teachings is that they tend to focus on healing, which is why on herb garden is great for this. Just as with any garden, you will need to make sure that you include all of the elements, but these can simply be a few garden tools for the metal, a whicker chair for the wood, and a birdbath for the water.

There are certain herbs that are lucky according to feng shui principles and these should always be included if possible. Lavender can be a great idea to put in your emotions if you need to relax more and can also be put with your relationships to help keep those going strong.

Rosemary is healing and goes well in the health sector and does basil. Different kinds of mint and oregano are good at attracting luck in your wealth sector. Thyme is equally good at helping your career. Whichever herb you Decide to choose, be sure to bring some of them into your home on occasion since this can be good for your home bagua. Take a sprig of the herb to place and remove it as soon as it has wilted. 

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