Hot Stone Massage Therapy

gardenretreatspa4There are many types of NYC massage techniques offered by spas, wellness centers and massage parlors around New York City. Hot stone massage therapy has recently become a popular choice among many New Yorkers as it is said to help relax muscles, improve circulation, and relieve pain. It is also different to many Asian massage techniques from Ayurveda to sensual massage, New York has to offer. Here is a brief explanation about hot stone massage therapy.

History – It is said that modern stone massage techniques emerged in the early 1990s. Mary D. Nelson was one of the first people who began experimenting with massage techniques using hot and cold stones on clients’ bodies. Her work created a type of stone massage called “LaStone massage”.

Other types of massage using hot stones including Aroma Stone massage Desert hot stone massage, Japanese hot stone massage, Native hot stone massage, Sacred stone massage, TheraStone massage.

Technique – Stone massages use smooth, non-porous stones that retain heat for long periods of time. Stones often vary in size. Larger stones are left on the body for longer periods of time. Hotter stones are placed on a towel and then left on the skin to avoid the risk of a burn. Smaller stones are used for massaging strokes, which are slow and gentle. Some therapist will leave the stones next to energy lines on the body to stimulate energy flow.