Keeping Your Hot Tub Clean

If you are a new hot tub owner, you know that there is nothing like soaking in the spa after a long day. But to enjoy this luxury, you must be willing to keep it clean using a variety of different spa chemicals. If you stick to this easy schedule, you will always have a clean hot tub waiting for you no matter when you choose to use it!

Day 1: The first spa chemical you can use is a spa polish. Not only does a spa polish clean your spa, it adds a layer of protection against the sunlight, temperature and other chemicals. After the spa is filled with water, you will need to use a water clarifier to control the metal buildup from ruining the surface of the spa. The next step is to use a test strip to check the water for Bromine ph balance, alkalinity and hardness. Once you receive your results, you can add a hot tub chemical such as a sanitizer to balance the water.

Weekly: It is important to use a test strip on a weekly basis. Depending on your results from the strip, there are various hot tub chemicals you can use to correct the water balance. You can add clarifiers that help remove dull spa water, prevent scale formations, and dissolve certain body oils left behind by spa users. Sanitizers also kill various bacteria and viruses.

Monthly: Every month, you will have to turn off your spa completely and clean the filter using the appropriate chemical. It is also recommended to clean your spa cover at this time. There are several different cleaning pads for this purpose.

3 rd Mont : Spas require a deep cleaning every three to four months. At this point, you will need to drain the spa and start all over again. Before you drain the water, it is important to remove the filter and add a chemical to the water that will clean the tubes and the jets. You will also need to use a different cleaning product to deep clean your filter. You can choose to replace your spa mineral purifier and clean your spa cover again at this time.

While it may seem like a lot of work, the results pay off — a squeaky clean hot tub you can enjoy 24-7!