Buying Spa Furniture

If you’re going to set up a spa or massage business in either your home or an office space, it’s important to consider what massage tables and other equipment you will need to purchase. There are a wide number of different options available on the market. You should consider which styles will best fit the space you are using, the services that you’re offering, and — perhaps most importantly — best represent you and your craft as you work to forge an identity in a competitive industry.


Massage chairs and other equipment have come a long way in recent years, thanks to technological advances. Spa furniture sold today is designed to be both durable and comfortable to your clients. It’s important to find a manufacture that has established itself in the marketplace and has a reputation for quality. After all, your spa equipment is at the heart of your business. Why would you choose to purchase inferior products? Any money you save now will have to be spent later, not only to replace furniture that breaks or wears out too soon, but in lost business while you wait for emergency furniture to arrive.


Most manufacturers carry detailed specs of their day spa furniture, so make sure to check all of the measurements to make sure that anything you purchase will fit comfortably in your space. After all, part of your business is creating a soothing atmosphere for your clients. That’s very hard to do if your center of operations is cramped and crowded with furniture. Make sure you only have the absolute essentials on hand. One option is to look for facial equipment and spa furniture that has multiple functions. This will reduce the number of pieces of equipment you have to have on hand, freeing up space.