Common Dental Mistakes

Article by Health Cyber

Summary: These common mistakes can hurt your teeth over time. Form good habits now and your teeth will serve you well into life.

Everyone makes mistakes. If you’re tired of hearing about what you aren’t doing enough of at the dentist’s, here are some tips to help you avoid these common mistakes. With some care and a good routine, you can protect your teeth for years to come.

Putting Health Off

This is especially common for people in their 20s and early 30s. Most people in this age group have their budgets stretched to the max, between social functions and living expenses, it can become overwhelming quickly. Another bill is the last thing this group is seeking, but they don’t realize that putting that care off will cost them more down the road.

The fact is that cleanings aren’t typically more then $200 depending on where you go, and they are only done once every six months. Budgeting for them isn’t terribly difficult if you know what’s coming. You also won’t have to pay to have broken teeth extracted or repaired later on down the road.

Unsuitable Toothbrush

Another common mistake made by people of all age groups is to use a brush that is not suited for your teeth. You might have noticed that you can buy brushes of different thicknesses. Buy one that is too firm and you can damage your teeth while you brush. Too soft and you won’t be able to remove debris from your teeth. As a general rule of thumb, the head should fit comfortably into your mouth and the brush should be easy to hold. The bristles shouldn’t hurt to run across your teeth or gums. This decreases the risk of accidental tears, which also decreases the risk of infections in your mouth.

Teeth Whitening

Many people try home whitening kits to try and stem the tide of stains and damage to teeth. This isn’t a bad idea, but you have to know what you’re doing before you start the process. Start by speaking with your dentist and getting some recommendations for kits and processes that will give you the color you desire. Folllow the directions closely, and don’t try to overdo the strip to hasten the process. You’ll end up with splotches on your teeth that look unattractive.

Also avoid whitening mouth washes. These are sold as an easy remedy, but may do more harm than good. The alcohol contained in these mouthwashes can mix with the saliva in your mouth to create acid that wears on your teeth instead of whitening them.