Scared of Boot Camps?

Boot camps have gotten something of a bad rap in the media, leading some people to reject considering anything with the name if they’re looking at locations for a weight loss vacation.  Perhaps you think of the programs for troubled kids that you’ve seen on daytime talk shows, with instructors screaming in your face, demanding that you push yourself past your physical limits, and maybe even your emotional ones. Who would want to willingly subject themselves to that?

The fact is that the effective weight loss camps in California don’t operate under a philosophy of fear, but of positive reinforcement. The drill sergeant attitude certainly isn’t the norm in the successful programs. Rather, your weight loss retreat instructor should serve more as a sports coach, offering encouragement for to give to give a hundred percent.

The type of exercises that you will be performing varies from instructor to instructor.  Depending on the location of the program, you might find yourself working out in the great outdoors, utilizing nature instead of normal fitness equipment like free weights. Many people find this natural approach to be more invigorating than working out in a gym.

While losing weight does require a certain amount of discipline, remember that a good instructor will be encouraging, not discouraging.  You’ll be paying to get in shape, not scared out of your wits.