Outdoor Foam Replacement Ideas for Your Furniture

We use foam rubber in a variety of applications. Even your car’s seat cushions are constructed of some kind of foam rubber. When used outside, this material may need to be replaced more frequently than indoor chair cushions. You might have a set of foam rubber cushions for your patio furniture. They should be replaced every year if they are left outside all year. Outdoor foam replacement is important because bacteria can grow in old, worn out foam rubber.

Place furniture covers over your outdoor furniture if you want your chair cushions to last longer. This can be done on boats as well. When replacing outdoor foam, make sure to measure the cushion’s length, width, and depth. Decide on the foam kind as well. Foam rubber is currently available in a variety of shapes, sizes and types. Any of these would be suitable for use as chair cushions. Keep in mind that mattresses are now made of memory foam too. It’s a long-lasting material that can be enjoyed years if properly cared for.

Rain, wind, and humidity in the air can shorten the life of outdoor foam. In the bedroom, we often sweat at night. Body odors can easily get into the foam and cause an offensive odor.

Once you’ve decided on the type of foam to use and you’ve recorded the sizes you need, you can place your order at professional websites like The Foam Factory. They will cut your foam cushions to the right size and depth and ship them to you. The only thing left to do is make covers for the cushions.

The Foam Factory has an amazing selection of the various types of foam. You can have this cut to any size or shape. Get all types of mattress foam, sofa cushions and accessories at factory direct prices.