The health benefits of drinking tea

Tea has been the beverage of choice for centuries due to its taste and its health benefits. Although most teas are made from the Camilla Sinensis plant, the way tea leaves are processed changes their flavor and health benefits.

According to online retailer, Tea is loaded with antioxidants and compounds like polyphenols and catechins that reduce free radicals which reduces the risk and symptoms of chronic disease. Here are some of the main health benefits of drinking tea.

Diabetes – Tea has been shown to help control blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. Additionally drinking tea can reduce the chances of a person developing diabetes by controlling their sugar levels.

Heart health – Black tea has been shown to lower cholesterol levels and help maintain weight loss as it cleans arteries and reduces the chances of blood clots.

Weight loss – Tea can help maintain a healthy weight by stimulating the metabolism and suppressing cravings. Teas like green and black tea contain higher levels of caffeine and catechins that have been shown to contribute to weight loss.

Cancer – Certain teas are high in antioxidants which help the body fight against free radicals and reduce the occurrence of certain cancers. You can buy Antique Tea like Pu-erh that have cancer fighting properties.

Better focus – Caffeinated and herbal teas can offer alertness and focus to complete both mental and physical tasks. Teas are also known to boost one’s mood which can help to reduce mild anxiety and depression.

Lower levels of caffeine – High levels of caffeine similar to those found in coffee and energy drinks have been shown to cause disruptions in sleep and increase anxiety levels. Tea on the other hand has lower levels of caffeine that provide more benefits to a person’s general wellbeing.