Top Massage Techniques Practiced Today

Article provided by Herb Kimble.

A massage is the most natural remedies that exist in the world today. While pain relief can be achieved through aspirin or heating pads, nothing beats the “old-fashioned” techniques that have turned this natural remedy into a billion dollar industry. Massage therapy has come a long way over the years. Here are some of the common techniques that one can find in a massage parlor.

Swedish Massage

This can be considered a standard massage that involves tapping and kneading strokes to relieve muscle tension. Massage therapists typically utilize common strokes such as: lifting, friction, chopping, and stroking on their recipients. When you walk in to a massage parlor for the first time, be sure to try out a Swedish massage – you’re bound to love it.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage targets the deep tension that lies within the multiple layers in your back. A standard massage won’t do much for the muscles that lie directly underneath the first couple of layers. Many have recommended an Asian massage in NYC, which offers both Swedish massages and deep tissue massages.

Neuromuscular Massage

This deep tissue massage is typically used to increase blood flow, reduce pain, and release pressure on nerves that have “tightened” up. If you’re suffering from tense muscles, also known as trigger points, a neuromuscular massage will reduce the buildup of pressure and ease the pain in the targeted muscular area.

Craniosacral Massage

This massage entails the therapists lightly providing pressure on the back of the spine and back lower portion of the head to provide support to your school and help reduce migraines and cranial pressure. The theory behind this type of massage is that with enough treatment, there will be a counteraction of physical trauma that was done to the head over the years. If you’re seeking out an enthralling massage, be sure to visit an Asian massage to find many talented certified massage therapists, or CMT’s.

The Bottom Line

Massage therapy has been embraced in American culture for centuries. Its wide range of therapeutic methods has helped millions of individuals rid of their muscular tension and pain. Additionally, massages are also known to improve blood flow, aid hypertensive patients, and reduce stress. The growing trend of massage therapy has led to new massage parlors opening up all over the country.

So, you can continue to pop an aspirin every time your head starts to throb, or, you can seek out the closest massage parlor to you and receive a natural, soothing Swedish massage.