Three Considerations to Help You Properly Push Your Body During Workouts

WorkoutsWorking out effectively requires a slightly different skill set than simply showing up to the gym and slogging away on a treadmill or throwing some weights around. You must have a good plan. Here are three ways to help push yourself during workouts.

Proper hydration

It doesn’t matter how strong you are or how great the rest of your diet is. If you miss on your hydration the entire workout as well your long-term results will suffer. You simply cannot push very hard when you are dehydrated. Water is so fundamental to our physiology that it is best to just regard it as a separate nutrient, rather than something to drink only when thirsty. Treat it with the same importance as you would protein.

Use good form 

We’ve all seen the guy at the gym who grabs a set of dumbells to do curls, then leans back and swings his arms up to complete the movement. Don’t be that guy. Instead, use weight that challenges you but that you can still lift properly. And remember to breathe correctly. Don’t hold your breath. Exhale during the positive, or contraction, part of the movement, and inhale on the negative part. A best practice is to invest in a personal trainer such as Nick Di Ruscio. A trainer will not only teach you proper form for each exercise but can also construct an entire program for you, including nutrition.

Motivation and accountability

Even the best athletes in the world fall prey to this one. There are going to be days where you just don’t want to show up. String too many of these days together and suddenly you’ve lost fitness and are way off your goals. This is the point at which most people simply quit. Ever notice how crowded the gym is right after the New Year, then by March it’s a ghost town? This is another area where having a trainer like Nick DI Ruscio is a huge advantage. Knowing that there is someone waiting for you to show up will definitely get you out of bed in the morning.