Tui Na massage

4There are many types of massage therapy available today. There are some like table shower massage nyc and others like the Tui Na. Tui Na is a massage technique that has been used in China over two thousand years. It is therapeutic in nature and has been used to treat old as well as the very young. The technique involves rhythmic compression along the body to channel energy (qi) throughout the body and bring it back into balance. The theory goes that it follows the positive energy of the body.

Tui Na is not just massage. Although there are various hand techniques in use, there are other additions to the therapy. There is the use of acupuncture and other techniques. They also use chinese herbs as part of the therapy. For anyone who knows massage it would look much like gliding, vibration, kneading, pulling, friction, rolling, pressing and shaking. The muscles are worked by the hands and acupressure is used to guide the qi. Used together they facilitate the healing process and removes blockages to keep energy moving through the body.

Absolutely the greatest advantage of Tui Na is that is maintains the overall balance by focusing on physical as well as mental health. Anyone suffering from chronic physical pain, who finds limited relief from medication, should try Tui Na for pain relief. Tui Na is becoming more popular in massage therapy as it focuses on specific issues rather than overall treatment.