How to Properly Train the Back Muscles

In order to fully sculpt your back muscles, it’s crucial that you achieve a balance in your workout.

back-exerciseAre you looking to achieve something that only the dedicated can obtain – a strong back? One that is wide, thick, and commands respect? A densely muscular back is indicative of a highly trained athlete and is coveted by bodybuilders and fitness freaks all over.

Other than your legs, the back is probably one of the most neglected parts of the body that takes plenty of hard work and dedication to tone and build up. Additionally, it’s also difficult to feel the back muscles working when you’re lifting due to the body’s momentum. One of the key factors of revolutionizing the tone of your back is to perfect your form. Keep in mind that a solid form will target the appropriate muscles, which in turn helps the back shape itself into a thick work of art.


Some workouts that target the back muscles include: pull-ups, barbell rows, and deadlifts. A combination of the three of these will target the upper portion, mid-section, and lower back. Prior to jumping into these workouts, focus on practicing the right technique and proper form that is needed when performing these exercises. This is almost the golden rule when it comes to fitness. Improper technique won’t result in the expected gains, and it could potentially cause injury if done incorrectly.

The Bottom Line

When it’s all said and done, everyone can agree that the back muscles are some of the most difficult and stubborn muscle groups to train. This is why a combination of consistency and proper technique is required in order for you to achieve what you’re looking for in your back.

Nick Diruscio is a personal fitness trainer that has spent years on perfecting workout techniques that he can pass on to individuals looking to meet their fitness goals.