The Secret to More Muscle (Massages!)

If you’re a bodybuilder, power lifter or just someone who likes keeping a nice physique, then you probably lift weights. In fact, you definitely do. You probably lift them a lot too. Furthermore, I bet it’s fair to say you’d do just about anything to build even more muscle.

While you’ve probably tried all kinds of things in the past, what if I told you that the real secret was a NYC Asian massage? It’s true!

Professional bodybuilders have been using them for decades as their secret weapon. But now you can just go out and get a NYC massage too and get the same benefits as a result.

Why does this work?

As you probably know, muscles grow after their fibers are broken down. This signals to the body that more muscle is needed. While lifting weights is great for this, a deep tissue massage will break them up even more. That’s why you get that “hurts so good” feeling when it happens.

So while most people associate massages with rest and relaxation, you should really be looking at them as a way of getting your physique even more gains in less amount of time.

Schedule one today and you’ll see what we mean.