Holistic dentistry factors in a person’s mental and physical health

Holistic dentistry, which is sometimes referred to as “biological dentistry”, is a term describing dentistry that incorporates a person’s entire physical and emotional health. Dentists in this practice use natural therapies alone or in combination with conventional methods in order to diagnose symptoms, treat diseases, and take preventative measures for oral health. This practice started after studies identified how common fillings often contain heavy metals such as mercury which damage central nervous and immune systems as well. In 1978, a group of dentists formed the Holistic Dental Association to educate and support a holistic dentistry approach amongst dentists and the public.

Not only can these metals cause other health issues, but poor oral hygiene can cause more than gum disease. It can also contribute to depression and affect social interaction. Dentists that practice holistically are therefore aware of the whole body being affected, not just teeth and gums, by the work being done or neglected in the body. Holistic dentists have different approaches even so. Some dentists oppose using fluoride, whereas other might not be opposed to its use. Either way, holistic dentists take care to address the big picture – not just the immediate oral concerns of the patient.

Glendora natural dentistry is an example of a dental service program that practices the holistic method. Through the Glendora holistic dental approach at Glendora family dental, patients are treated for oral concerns but with the entire body in mind. The holistic approach ensures not just health but happiness as well.