Some Benefits of Sleeping on a Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam MattressIf you’re having trouble sleeping comfortably on your mattress, it may be time to upgrade to a memory foam bed. Memory foam is a material that was originally invented by NASA’s Ames Research Center back in the 1960’s to provide additional safety for aircraft cushions. Later, it was picked up by mattress companies that recognized the medical benefits that could be achieved with the foam.

The largest benefit seen is for the infirmary, where patients spend a majority of their time bedridden. The pressure relieving support of a queen size memory foam mattress helps to prevent bedsores and gangrene that are caused by a lack of blood circulation. While most people won’t typically stay in bed long enough to develop these issues, the support can also help to relieve strain on one’s back.

Memory foam uses the body’s natural heat to soften, which some people say makes the mattress a bit too warm for comfort. However, the way the queen memory foam mattress molds itself to your body is the tradeoff. You will also find memory foam invaluable in colder climates.

Additionally, it’s common to hear that a mattress cradles their body in a more comfortable manner than anything they’ve slept on before. The right memory foam density feels like sleeping on a cloud.

Memory foam also isn’t as expensive as you might think. Because it’s become easier to produce, and can be cut and shipped locally, your costs are substantially lower than buying in store. Even if you buy a mattress topper, you can completely change the comfort level of your bed.

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