Water damage restoration basics

2Water damage restoration is a process that should be handled by certified and experienced contractors. It is a multi step process that involves the following:

Visual Inspection

A certified engineer or technician will do an initial assessment of the water damage and arrive at an action plan the details the appropriate action. Once the assessment is complete and approved then the contents of the area can be secured and the process begun.

Water Extraction

The first priority is to remove all standing water and containing the damage to how it currently stands. Anything on the floor such as rugs, carpeting etc are removed. Then any such materials on the walls will also be removed to speed up the drying process. Every single web surface in the affected area will need to be treated. Baseboards and non-salvageable drywall will need to be removed.


Once everything that is wet has been removed from the area as per the above, the drying begins. Commercial grade equipment like those in industrial air conditioning systems are used to move the air and dehumidify the area. The results are monitored daily and moisture levels are controlled in order to prevent mold growth. This process can take between two to four depending on the extent of the water damage and the area.


Construction is the final step of the process. If there has been no lasting damage that would affect the structural integrity of the area then part can be skipped.