Make a long flight more comfortable

Written by The Foam Factory

Staying comfortable during long haul flights require some preparation, especially if you have already experienced flying with the same airline. You would know in advance what are the precautions that you should take in order to avoid any discomfort that you might have felt on previous flights.

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Generally, to maintain a good level of comfort during long flights, it is advisable to keep hydrated by drinking some water regularly. The general atmosphere of the plane would be very dry, and so, it is also good to bring along small amounts of moisturizers and lip balm to prevent any discomfort brought about by a dry skin.

Long flights normally would seem longer if you tend to look at the clock. Instead, you could indulge in several activities on the plane such as listening to music, watching a movie or reading a magazine. If the airline does not provide those facilities, you might bring you mobile device with you. For your general comfort and to maintain a good circulation, you could also move around a little and stretch out once the plane is stabilized in the air.

If you back tends to hurt during the flight, you might also think about bringing your own seat backs and cushion                to help you get a good sleep. You could purchase your own foam and make a light seat cushion that would be easy to transport.

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