Be Wary of Criticism Meant to Tear You Down

Written by Dr. Eric Amidi

Being a creative member of society is one of the best ways to build positive energy and keep your mind growing. Whether a person has an idea for a new invention or wants to write a novel, creativity is one of the most important forces in life. However, being creative also means that you are opening yourself up to criticism. The fear of being critiqued and the negative feelings after receiving harsh criticism can be enough to keep people from pursuing their creative outlets and achieving true happiness.
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This isn’t to say that all criticism is bad; there is such a thing as constructive criticism that is meant to help you recognize ways that you can improve your creative output. However, this is always presented in a helpful and positive fashion and is given by people who only have your best interests at heart. Constructive criticism is actually a positive force that reaffirms the strong aspects of your creative efforts and leads to an even stronger final result.

The other form of criticism is negative criticism that is meant to tear you down. It can come from someone with a vested interest in seeing you fail or it can be directed at you by someone with negative energy that they are directed toward others. People who are quick to judge have toxic energy that they unfortunately want to spread to others who are attempting to be creative.

It’s important to recognize negative criticisms as pointless and ignore them. Instead, focus on positive and helpful critiques that are meant to make your creative output stronger.


Dr. Eric Amidi is a leading expert in how the mind is able to exert control over a person’s place in the world. Eric Amidi is a physicist with deep knowledge about the power of the human brain.