There’s No Question to Ask Like “How”

Written by Dr. Eric Amidi.

It’s common for us to ask questions in life; in fact, it’s healthy. Asking questions makes us think about our place in the world and what we want to achieve in life. Seeking answers pushes us to develop our minds in new and often unexpected ways. Unfortunately, too many times people are asking the wrong questions — questions that can open themselves for negative energy.

We frequently wonder “why” things are a certain way. These can be questions about why we are in a certain job, relationship or financial situation. The problem is that wondering “why” does nothing to help you solve any of your problems. It simply leads you down the path of exploring large life mysteries that often have little to do with changing your current condition. It’s frequent for people who wonder “why” things happen a certain way to keep wondering the same question for the rest of their lives.

Isn’t of asking “why,” you are better served to ask “how.” This takes your life questions out of the world of hypotheticals and into the realm of reality. If you are asking how you can achieve financial independence or personal happiness, you are thinking about the steps you need to take to reach your goals. These are positive thoughts that will lead to positive results. You can practice this in your daily life by starting small. Ask yourself how you can achieve a change of something minor in your life (such as waking up earlier or being more organized). Taking the answers and doing them will help you solve bigger problems down the road.

Dr. Eric Amidi is a quantum physicist dedicated to using his knowledge of the mind to help people unlock their potential. Eric Amidi is an author and expert on self-improvement.