Hypoallergenic cushion foam

Written by The Foam Factory

Hypoallergenic cushions are designed to alleviate the allergy symptoms that are often triggered from materials used as the stuffing of certain cushions. These cushions fight against dust mites which is one of the leading causes of allergies. A recent research by the Somerset Medical Center shows that selecting the right cushion helps to keep allergy symptoms such as nose congestion at bay. Hypoallergenic cushion foams are made to be anti-microbial along with being allergy-free. They are also toxin-free.

If you are prone to allergies, you are probably considering changing your seat and pillow cushions around the house. An option around this is to change the foam that is inside your cushions. You may choose to undertake this foam replacement project yourself or to seek the help of a professional. Changing your cushion foam yourself can be a simple and enjoyable project if you like DIY activities. This method has the added advantage of being cost-effective.

Carlo Badalamenti is the VP of a foam manufacturing company and has acquired experience in dealing with foam products since 1980. His company proposes solutions to your foam replacement projects including a variety of cushion and seat foam. The foam come in several shapes and sizes to suit your project’s dimension. They are easy to cut so that they can fit perfectly with any seating or bedding application.

The Foam Factory specializes in the production and selling of foam products for nearly all purposes including seat and cushion foams.