Stay Active: Bike in your Paris Vacation

Written by French Experience

Biking is a great way to tour around Paris. It’s a good way to burn the calories from the delicious French dinner and desserts you had last night, and an economical way to enjoy local sights. Also, bikes are popular modes of transportation by locals, so you certainly won’t feel out of place at all.

Paris Itinirary

Here’s a short overview of you can go around Paris with your bike. Always start off your adventure with a good breakfast for fuel. After that you can dart pass the traffic and through the streets and visit le Louvre. It’s always good to start with Louvre early in the morning to beat the crowd from huge tour groups. After the museum, don’t forget to pass by Carousel de Louvre and the iconic Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel. The next nearest site that you can go to is the Opera House and Champs Elysees. After that you can explore the magnificent façade and interior of Notre-Dame Cathedral. Lastly, you can end the trip with an afternoon at grounds of Champ de Mars and rest there on the grass while you marvel at the Eiffel Tower on your background.

Join a Bike Tour

There are several travel groups that offer bike tours for Paris excursions. It’s a different way to travel and can be a unique immersion experience. Bear in mind that bike tours are also guided, has planned itineraries and schedule, but with one advantage, you won’t be constricted by city traffic.

Paris Visit Pass

The Paris visit pass comes very handy and cost saving for budget savvy travellers. It covers various transport services in the city. It’s the best way to get around tourist spots and landmarks. The pass includes a map and entrance to over 60 tourist sites in the Paris. You can purchase the Paris Visit Pass from the Metro, bus terminals and also from French Experience.

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