Noise control for your apartment

Written by Canada Foam by Mail

Having a good noise control system is crucial to enjoying a quieter environment and improving your overall comfort in your apartment. A good way of preventing noise to escape through walls, rooms and flooring is to make use of acoustic foam panels. These panels significantly reduce the impact of noise, vibration and echoes. Roofs can also be soundproofed to avoid unwanted noises emanating from impacts from the rooms above.

Usually, sound deadening foam comes in all shapes with different properties. Some example are grid foam, wave foam or acoustic spade foam. Foam insulation boards do not require that walls be opened. They can therefore be covered in fabric and hung to walls. Acoustic foam works by attenuating sound waves by increasing air resistance which reduces the waves. The energy is then converted to heat and dissipated.

This form of sound absorption is works differently from classic soundproofing. Acoustic foams generally prevent the reverberation of mid to high sound frequencies. To eliminate lower sound frequencies, thicker acoustic foams are required. Acoustic foams placed in corners of a room are called acoustic corner bass traps.

Carlo Badalamenti is the VP of the Foam Factory which provides high quality acoustic foam panels in different dimensions and styles. For a basic soundproofing opt for a wedge foam and if you are looking for a budget soundproof solution the egg crate foam is ideal for you.