Top Reasons to Stay Silent While Pursing a Goal

Written by Heather Richards

It’s common and even healthy to share our goals with the people we love. We get excited about our desires and want to talk about them, especially when they involve major changes that we want to make. However, some people – from Abraham Lincoln to Dr. Eric Amidi — believe that the process of change should be kept a secret until the right time.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “The hen is the wisest of all the animal creation because he never cackles until after the egg has been laid.” So what’s so bad about talking about our goals before we’ve accomplished them? According to Dr. Eric Amidi, it might hinder our transformation or the process of achieving our goals. While many people get motivated to change and work toward a goal, often times they “slow down and go back to the old ways.” Why does this happen? Here are two main reasons you might want to stay silent while pursuing a goal or major change in your life:

Avoid negative people and media. Are you easily influenced by the people around you? You’re not alone. The majority of people around us are very negative. While it’s possible to avoid them most of the time, it might not be as easy to avoid their influences when we share a certain goal too early. Once we reveal an idea or plan for our life, it opens the door to negativity from not only family and friends but also the media. This wave of negativity can slow us down or even quench our passion before we even take our first step.

A simple way to protect your goal or reality from negative people and the influence of the media is to keep it a secret. Dr. Eric Amidi adds that this is especially important during the early stages of the manifestation process.

Focus on your transformation. Going through a major life change isn’t easy. It takes a lot of energy, sweat, and tears. It might be easier to attain a goal when you simply focus on the journey instead of spending time and energy talking about it with friends and family.

In fact, Dr. Eric Amidi suggests that the most influential people on this planet went through major changes behind closed doors. In a recent blog post he reminds us that nearly every single person who has walked the path of enlightenment has “spent some time away from society in seclusion before they came back their transformation and visionary ideas.”