Banish sore muscles with a Korean Massage

For people who workout on a regular basis and athletes, going for a deep tissue massage frequently is effective in helping speedy muscle recovery and yielding maximum results from physical activities.


Psychological Effects

A recent study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness has demonstrated that the notion of athleticism is not directly related to the physical strength of the body. Focus and mental ability also play an important role on a person’s performance during sports. Massages help to foster focus by eliminating stress and reducing tensions. This also leads to an increase in the level of serotonin released by the body.

Physiological Effects

Massages have an effect on the cardiovascular system of an individual. It contributes to dilating the blood vessels which leads to improvements in the circulation. This also promotes the oxygen flow in the body and allows the body to eliminate negative toxins. These forms of massage also bring a lower heart rate.

The Korean massage is arguable among one of the best massage NYC. It uses an oriental technique to provide muscles relaxation. This form of massage is recommended by therapists as it has an impact on the deepest muscle tissues. The massage is particularly designed to ease away muscle knots and relieve tensions built during physical activities. The receiver of the massage would be feeling muscles soreness immediately after the session. However, the relaxing effect would come afterwards, leaving the muscles feeling loose and tension-free.