Taking Care of Your Water Heater

Written by: Payless Water Heaters

Most people are so used to getting hot water when they turn on their tap or shower that it can be a pretty big shock if it doesn’t immediately happen. Water heater repair and maintenance can be done in a timely manner to ensure you never have to deal with an emergency like that. Here is a look at what is going on in your water heater, and what you can do to increase its lifespan and efficiency.

Secure the Heater

Make sure it is situated in a steady, secure place. You don’t want it to be in a precarious position no matter how convenient the place is. Get expert advice, and have it strapped down if needed. Failure to secure your water heater could mean a loss of hot water, or damage caused by water or fire.

Clean Sediment

Clean out the sediment that builds up in the water heater. The buildup of sediment will add extra minerals into your water, plug up the valve and eventually cause your water heater to fail completely.

Check Pressure

Prevent sudden explosions by checking up on the pressure and temperature valve. Every water heater has one, and this is so that when the pressure or temperature gets too high, the valve automatically opens and prevents an explosion. Therefore, you want to make sure that this valve is functional.

Air Flow

Do not clutter up the area around the water heater. Leave plenty of space for air to flow around the heater. Avoid stacking boxes around the heater, as airflow will get restricted and moisture may build up. Proper insulation also helps to keep moisture at a minimum. Over time, exposure to too much moisture will cause it to corrode.


Insulating your water heater is a great way to save you money every month and increase the efficiency of the water heater. Newer model water heaters have built in insulation, but for those that are a little older, there are specific water heater insulation blankets that you can buy to wrap around the heater. When you wrap it, ensure you only cover the sides, and not any areas where there are plumbing fixtures or meters. It is important to understand that not just any old blanket will be appropriate, and using a regular blanket is a fire hazard.

To ensure that each task is done properly and your water heater receives the benefits, it is best to have a technician come in and handle all your water heater repairs and maintenance undertakings.

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