How Hollywood Stars Get that Perfect Tan

Article written by Only health news

If you pay attention to celebrities, you’ll notice that they always have the perfect tan. For how much time they spend on sets or in concert, it’s amazing they still find opportunities to lie out under the sun. Well what was once Hollywood’s best kept secret is now common knowledge. They use airbrush tanning systems to get that beautiful bronze glow. But here’s the good news: now so can you.

There are many reasons stars elect to use spray tan over tanning beds and under the sun. And you can benefit from these reasons too. For one thing, they won’t cause premature aging. We all know the lengths that celebrities will go to in order to stay looking young. Sometimes their very jobs depend on it.

But long hours under the sun can help define wrinkles and cause age spots over time. No star wants to deal with that when they’re in front of the camera and chances are you don’t either.

More seriously, though, is that tanning beds and overexposure to the sun can cause cancer as well. Looking old is one thing, but getting skin cancer is quite another.

While some time outside is always important to get the sun exposure you need, too much of a good thing applies here. Instead, try spray tans to get the beautiful bronze look without any of the risks you want to avoid.