A Positive Way to Look at Loss

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Written by Heather Richards

It’s never easy to lose something or someone you care about. Whether you’ve experienced a loss of a relationship, a job, or your health, the grieving process can be challenging and even painful. But how you recover makes all the difference. Some people, including Dr. Eric Amidi, believe that you can deal with setbacks and loss simply by changing your perspective. Here’s a look at what Dr. Eric Amidi has to say about how to turn around setbacks and losses in your life.

Don’t see it as an end. Often times when we experience loss, we feel as though it is the end of the world. We might feel like we can never be as happy or as whole as we were when we had that one thing or person in our lives. However, believing that a loss is your last chance at happiness can cause depression and delay the healing process. According to Dr. Eric Amidi, it is as if you believe that “something great will not happen” in your life ever again. So what’s the solution? Instead of viewing a certain loss as an end, realize that every time you recover from a loss, something greater can and often times does show up.

Be patient during a time of loss. Once you realize that a loss is not an end but can be the beginning of something great, you can be patient during the grieving process. This patience will allow you to go through the process and heal faster. It will also allow you to be open to new experiences and greater opportunities when they do come your way. Dr. Eric Amidi writes, “So always be on the lookout for something greater… if you believe it from the bottom of your heart, what you will manifest will surprise you!”