How to Tell if Your Door is Drafty

Walking through the home during the winter is an excellent chance to get a feel for drafts in the home. Sealing these drafts all over the house is the equivalent of shutting an entire door or window. The front door is one place where it’s common to feel drafts, but the door itself may not leak air. Here are some ways to tell whether your door is drafty or not.

Check Around the Door

One of the first places you’ll want to check out is the siding around the door. Most people have a thin foam strip that adheres to the door frame. This strip helps to cut the amount of energy loss through the door not fitting securely into the frame. Typically, this is the result of age. There are other factors, like how the door was hung, that can also contribute. The goal is to reduce the gap between the door and the frame.

Check the Glass On the Door

Leaded glass is another area where there can be gaps that develop over time. The glass panels are usually two separate panels that are sandwiched together. The lead may develop small pores that let air through. At first, this isn’t much of a problem. Left unchecked and you can have a real draft on your hands.

SolutionsDoor is Drafty

If your door is not hung properly, either re-hang it yourself or contact a professional. If the problem is related to leaks, either adhere some weather stripping or caulk the porous spots on the door frame.\


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