Let It Go If You Want to Manifest

 photo lettinggo_zpswl5u40sk.png
Written by Dr. Eric Amidi.

As you read more about the Law of Attraction, you might think that it’s a lot of hard work to properly manifest your dreams and have them become reality. It’s certainly true that you need to devote time to your visualization and be focused in how you are approaching your manifesting. However, treating visualization and manifesting too much like a job is a self-defeating process; in many ways, trying harder just makes it harder for you to succeed.

A big part of manifesting is learning how to let go of all negative energy. It’s the only way that your positive thoughts can break through so that the Universe will hear them and respond. When people are putting too much effort and strain into trying to get what they want by manifesting, it’s also very easy for them to let negative thoughts exist — especially if they don’t get what they want as quickly as they would like.

The best strategy is one that might seem counterproductive — you have to let it go. In order to manifest, you need to stop worrying — or even caring — about if you will be successful. You can’t think about if you are going to be able to buy the house you want or get your dream job. You have to treat all of these things are totally inconsequential parts of life.

Manifesting starts with living a life free from negative vibrations. You are trying to project how it will feel when something great happens in your life instead of thinking about the actual end results (such as wealth and getting lots of stuff). Forgetting the outcome and focusing on the process is the best first step to manifesting your desires.

Dr. Eric Amidi is a scientist and author who uses his understanding of the human brain to help individuals reach their potential. Eric Amidi teaches people how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest wealth and happiness.