Portable AC in nursing homes

According to data produced by the CDC, a prolonged exposure to heat, especially in summer has negative impacts on the elderly population. The reasons behind these negative reactions to heat vary from person to person. However, some of the most common reasons are related to the medications that the person might be on, comorbidities, that is disorders from which they are suffering and any other age related syndromes.

However, regardless of the condition the elderly person might be in, exposure to heat might aggravate existing health issues and could also trigger new ones. In extreme instances it can also lead to mortality increases.

This is a major concern for governing bodies as it directly affects the quality of life of the elder. It is for this reason that several state regulations have been enacted to impose the installation of air conditioning units in nursing homes. Some laws even go as far as penalizing owners of nursing homes if they cannot meet the proper air conditioning requirements. In some cases, litigations have followed.

Generally, medical facility managers, such as those of nursing homes should be opting for reliable and clean AC equipment. Properly maintained and cleaned air conditioning ensures good quality of air and limits the propagation of allergens. Portable air conditioning systems can be suited for nursing homes and placed in common rooms, dining areas or patients’ rooms.