Laser Labiaplasty, What Is It For?

You may ask, “Why would a woman get labia surgery?” Labiaplasty is a procedure that enhances and reshapes by reducing the size of the labia for a better appearance and eliminate discomfort brought by an enlarged labia. During the reproductive stage of a woman, the labia minora fully develops, when a woman is not pleased with its appearance, they may feel less confident that could cause emotional and physical stress. Due to this, more and more women have found labiaplasty as a solution to their problems whether they have any genital problems or not.

In some cases, undergoing these procedures are very beneficial to women who have had any genital defects caused by aging or childbirth. Sometimes, due to old age, a women’s vagina may loosen its strength and support causing urinary incontinence which may cause them embarrassing situations that can truly lower their self esteem. Women with an active lifestyle have also found that an enlarged labia can truly bring discomfort and pain which limits their activities as well as in their choice of clothing.

Women have various reasons why they choose to undergo these treatments and have found that The Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of Michigan as one of their best options to have these surgeries done. Aside from laser labiaplasty, one of the main issues that most women choose to have these treatments is to cure vaginal or pelvic relaxation which can be best addressed by a bladder prolapse treatment.