Use leptin and EGCG rich Cellan to lose weight

Researchers are now finding that lower level of leptin, a protein produced by fat cells, in your system helps to manage fat storage and enable to communicate with the brain just to do that. On the other hand, Asian countries have been using green tea for many centuries. The western world got to know green tea recently due to its high content of EGCG, a chemical that helps to lose weight and control weight gain. One cup of green tea or taking a green tea rich supplement such as Cellan can burn up to 78 calories in your body, according to some recent research. Leptin and EGCG together result in weight loss in humans.

Cellan is made of powdered and dried inner parts of African Mango that is known to contain leptin and 100 percent green tea extract that is rich in EGCG. Together they decrease appetite and increase body’s fat burning ability. That’s why Cellan is a proven supplement for weight loss. Other ingredients contained in Cellan including Vitamins C and B3 and an exclusive berry blend help to increase metabolism, boost body energy and reinvigorate the system. Here is a YouTube video for Cellan: