Impaired Kidney Function Linked To Cognitive Decline in Elderly

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Impaired kidney function is a risk factor for cognitive decline in old age says a new study published in the medical journal Neurology.
The study found that poor kidney functions were linked with cognition related to memory functions. Any kind of damage to these functions, episodic memory and other contextual knowledge is the earliest sign of Alzheimer’s disease.

Further research to comprehend the link between kidney function and the brain would be conducted, as this study has important public health implications. Further research also may provide new strategies for preventing memory loss in elders. The research findings indicate that common disease processes affect the brains and the kidneys in the elderly. Therefore, it is possible to hypothesize that underlying vascular problems like diabetes and hypertension could account for the link between kidney problems and cognitive decline. Data from 886 older adults was analyzed for this study annual for a period of 6 years to track changes in cognition over time. Visuospatial ability, perceptual speed, semantic memory, working memory and episodic memory were the individual cognitive systems assessed.

The study also revealed that poor kidney function assessed at the beginning of the research period was linked with a higher rate of decline in cognition over the next few years. This was identified now in visuospatial ability or perceptual speed, but in episodic, semantic and working memory. Researchers also said the rate of decline in cognition was equal to that of a person seven years older at baseline.

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