Natural and Organic Dental Care Tips

Brushing your teeth will always remain an essential part of improving your oral hygiene, regardless of whether you use more natural methods of improving your oral health. But with several supplementary treatments, you can be on your way to having the best oral health possible.

Green Tea

Green tea extract can help protect your teeth from erosion. One benefit is that it prevents starchy foods from contributing to oral decay. Green tea also promotes better gum health. Besides drinking green tea, you can rinse with it to have it serve as a natural antiseptic rinse.

A Natural Toothpaste

Combining baking soda and salt will create a toothpaste that can scrape plaque off of teeth. The problem is that the toothpaste does not taste very good. Ask your Glendora holistic dental specialist about his or her opinion on natural toothpastes and whether there are any great options for you.

Natural Antiseptics Oils

There are many oils that can act as natural antiseptics to kill bacteria in the mouth. Great options include:

  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Tea tree
  • Menthol

Killing bacteria in your mouth will protect it from inflammation and will also help you avoid gum disease, saving you many trips to a Glendora CA dental specialist.

If you are concerned about using natural and organic methods of caring for your teeth, make sure to contact a Glendora dentist who is familiar with natural and organic methods or oral hygiene.