The Crucial Impact that Therapeutic Massages Have on Med-Surg Patients

Massage therapy can promote enhanced bodily recovery.

massage-therapyIf you’ve every suffered an injury to the extent that you require physical therapy, then you know that massage therapy plays a significant role in assisting you in making a full recovery. Here are some examples on how therapeutic massages promote patient healing.


A surgical procedure is undoubtedly a delicate decision to make. However, many individuals don’t have a choice when it comes to going under the knife. Let’s be honest, surgery is something that nobody wants to hear from their care physician. Just the word alone is enough to give people anxiety. But, if they want to address a nagging issue, it might be the only option.

Once the surgical operation has been completed, therapeutic massage plays a significant support role in the recovery process. The technical aspect of surgery is only half the battle, so to speak. The other half relies on the patient and the physical therapist on helping the individual get back to performing day-to-day tasks.

How Massage Helps Growth and Repair

Now, therapeutic massage can help repair damaged soft tissue around the incision that was made by the surgeon. It also aids in breaking up the scar tissue that has formed around the wound, or even prevent impending scar tissue formation. If you didn’t know, scar tissue can compromise the body and its’ muscle functions if left untreated. By incorporating therapeutic massage into one’s recovery schedule, his or her working parts will be kept limber and flexible to improve both range of motion and overall flexibility. This is an important aspect that shouldn’t be ignored.

Therapeutic massage also assists in the oxygenation of injured muscles and can also isolate the site of the injury through specific techniques. And, the results can be life-changing. Remember, the recovery process – whether it’s post-surgery or an injury – takes time. It can become tiring and arduous over time – just ask anyone that has had to go through physical therapy at some point in his or her life. Returning back to a functional state requires patience, guidance, and therapy. Implement therapeutic massages into your routine. Provided that you are already seeking assistance from a physical therapist, this can also be a way to unwind and relax from the stress that you’ve endured over the past days/weeks/months as you would in an Asian massage spa for example.

Don’t let an injury get the best of you. A supplemental recovery program that incorporates massage therapy can get you back to an optimal and functional state. Visit the closest Asian massage parlor in today!