Hymenoplasty Restores Your Hymen

If you’ve been thinking about having surgery down under, then you’ve probably already heard of vaginal rejuvenation surgery, a set of sexual-enhancement procedures — including cryoablation of the endometrium, vaginal tightening, and liposuction around the clitoris — designed to improve sexual gratification.  In addition to enhancing their sex lives, women also undergo these procedures in an effort to improve the look of their vaginas. In short, these surgeries are for cosmetic reasons. But sometimes, women have more than cosmetic reasons for getting surgery on their private parts.

A growing number of women are turning to plastic surgeons for a procedure called hymenoplasty. This relatively quick and painless procedure is designed to restore the hymen to its original state. Why would a woman want or need a hymenoplasty? There are many possible reasons, including cultural, social, and religious reasons. Many women undergo the procedure before their wedding day, especially if their custom or religion requires that a bride has to be virgin. Regardless of the reason, however, a hymenoplasty is a sensitive subject, one that should be respected and taken seriously.

However, not everyone should get this surgery. If you’re thinking about having a hymenoplasty, it’s important to talk to your doctor before undergoing the procedure. Your doctor can talk to you about the many options you might have and will help you determine whether a hymenoplasty is the right solution to your needs.

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