From My Mother To Me, From Me to My Daughter

I’m a very fortunate woman. You see, I have a mother who was able to give me a unique view of the world. Being a child of the sixties, my mother made a conscious effort to step away from convention and embrace a lifestyle that was free of processed products and chemicals. And I have a feeling that this may be why she continues to be the picture of health and goodness as she walks in her winter years. What can I say? My mom is an older woman who has the attitude and appearance of someone much younger. Some of it does come from a youthful heart to be sure. However, I’m sure some of it also comes from her insistence on using organic skin care throughout her life.

I have taken my mother’s advice when it comes to health and beauty since it has served her so well. When I see women using Botox and other harmful chemicals to bring about the same results, it does break my heart. However, the other side of the coin is that my daughter is now becoming old enough to understand the lengths a woman will go to retain her beauty. With that being said, I’ve already introduced her to the positive effects of natural facial care to help her deal with her teenage skin problems. So far, it has worked like a charm. In telling her friends what she has used, there have been a few knocks at our door for some helpful advice. The results have been positive as well.

I’m blessed to pass on the lessons that my mother gave to me. We understand that nature knows her job and performs it well. And we are fortunate to receive the benefits, without the help of chemicals.