When Wisdom Tooth Extractions Go Wrong

Blog submitted by Dane Levy, Attorney of Dentalmal.com, a provider of legal services for those injured by dental malpractice in California

For those who suffer from issues with wisdom teeth, having their wisdom teeth extracted may seem like a routine procedure. However, the consequences of a botched wisdom tooth extraction can be disastrous. In the worst cases, negligent dental work can lead to numbness, lasting pain, loss of taste, and difficulty eating and smiling. The importance of a trained, alert dental professional cannot be understated, and dental negligence cannot be tolerated.

Wisdom tooth extraction is actually a complex surgical procedure that requires skill and training to perform correctly. Your dentist or oral surgeon will need to make an incision in your gums and remove any bone obstructing the wisdom teeth before extracting them. If these tasks are done incorrectly, a dentist might sever their patient’s lingual nerves, resulting in permanent injuries.

Past victims of dental malpractice have had difficulty speaking, eating, and drinking after botched wisdom tooth extractions. They have been awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation after winning malpractice lawsuits. In one case, a jury even awarded a patient $2.3 million.

If you have been a victim of a botched wisdom tooth extraction procedure, you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries. To win a dental malpractice case, you’ll need to prove that your dentist is responsible for your injuries and that their actions violated the accepted standard of care in the dental community. You’ll need a skilled and knowledgeable dental malpractice attorney to help you prove this in a court of law.

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