Problem: Severe headaches, vertigo, tinnitus, jaw pain

Solution: Orthotic

Background: Carrie found me when she was searching online for a dentist who specialized in treating TMJ, neck pain, headaches, and other symptoms of dental distress. She called my office and made an appointment to discuss her ongoing pain issues stemming from temporo- mandibular joint disorder, or TMJ.

The first thing I noticed about her was that she was an absolutely stunning young lady. Carrie was an aspiring model and actress who had already found some success in Hollywood, but felt that chronic mouth and jaw pain was holding her back. She was diagnosed with TMJ in 2004. When she came to my office in April of 2011, she was suffering from a shocking array of side effects, including vertigo, tinnitus, jaw clenching, insomnia, nervousness, and tingling of the fingertips.
During our initial examination, I learned that Carrie had worn braces and had beautiful, healthy teeth. The bite and alignment seemed correct. But with the K7 computer analysis, we discovered a slight torque in her lower jaw. I decided that the best course of treatment to correct her imbalanced bite would be a very minor chronoplasty, or occlusal (bite) adjustment. This involved using a very fine drill to shave down the ridges in her back teeth so her jaws would fit together perfectly.

Treatment: Carrie would also need an orthotic device, or retainer, to fully correct her bite. I took impressions and molds of her teeth after the chronoplasty and sent her home while the device was being made.

Two days later, Carrie called and said that at least 70 percent of the pain in her jaw had vanished. She was amazed at the rapid improvement. I told her I was happy for her, but that once the entire course of treatment was completed, she’d feel even better.

Once the orthosis was made, Carrie came back, and we gave her thorough instructions on how to wear the mouthpiece and what to do to achieve maximum results. We made a couple of minor adjustments to the device and told her to return a week later for a follow-up visit.

End Result: After just one week, Carrie reported fewer headaches and less neck pain. Three weeks later, at her next visit, she said the pain, vertigo, insomnia, and other symptoms were all gone. She said I made her the happiest woman on the planet. She had seen many doctors and specialists who couldn’t do anything to fix her chronic pain, and was thrilled to finally be rid of it for good. She wrote this testimonial for me:

Dear Dr. Solomon and staff,

I can’t express enough how much I have benefitted from the services and expertise of Dr. Sid Solomon. Words can barely describe how my life has changed, but I will try!I was diagnosed with TMJ problems in 2004, after a sudden onset of jaw pain came on from talking all day to my sorority in college. Since then, I have seen at least 15 different dentists, physical therapists, neurologists (they thought I might have trigeminal neuralgia due to facial pain), oral surgeons, ENTs…you name it…I went EVERYWHERE to find some cure to rid myself of TMJ problems! All night and all day I had headaches, horrible pain in my jaw and face, and neck and back soreness. After going through physical therapy once a week and wearing two different night guards for five years, I was still getting no relief. I even had to get massages once a week just to ease the pain in my neck. It was my last resort after years of giving up to search for yet another dentist in Los Angeles to get a new night guard. I lost faith in everyone until I met Dr. Sid Solomon. My first visit, he spoke to me for over two hours regarding the TMJ and was such an expert in this field. I must admit I still didn’t believe he could fix me (no one ever had), but in just three visits he has virtually cured me of jaw problems.
His methods are scientific and exact. He first relaxed my jaw with a tensing machine, then made adjustments to my teeth so my bite was perfect, then fit me for his special night guard (patented by him only) which has been a MIRACLE! I can wear it all day and no one would ever know I’m wearing it, and it’s so thin. In addition, the night guard is moving my jaw into the appropriate place so I have long term benefits. His techniques are extremely advanced so there is no guessing on how to fix a problem. Overall, I have almost zero jaw pain and now go all day and night without even thinking about my jaw, and am saving money on those massages! My life is completely different. On a side note, I just LOVE him and his family…they are so sweet and caring! He’s also fixed four of my cavities, which took under half an hour and was 100 percent pain free, and is also whitening my teeth. I cannot say enough good things about his dentistry practice and am sending all my friends and family to him. I wish anyone who’s ever had a jaw or tooth issue could have the opportunity to see him and start living a pain free life. For me, his services have meant the world.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Carrie