Top Tips for Runners that Wear Contact Lenses

Summary: Contact lenses are suitable for those that lead a physically active lifestyle.

If you live an active lifestyle and enjoy running around the local park or in the gym, you might want to make sure you know the limitations of what you can and can’t do while wearing contact lenses.

Can You Run with Contacts?

While it might sound silly, yes you can absolutely run wearing contact lenses. Most runners actually prefer to wear contacts instead of eyeglasses due to their comfort. The frames can often get in the way by sliding down the bridge of the nose or bounce around uncontrollably.

You Have the Option to Switch Contact Types

If you didn’t know already, your optometrist should be instructing you to try on the pair that he or she prescribes you. If they don’t feel comfortable you can always go back to your eye doctor and request something more suitable to your liking. Now, it’s important to remember that it takes a short period of time for your eyes to get accustomed to wearing contacts so don’t automatically think you need a new pair when your eyes are acclimating.

Dailies or Weeklies?

Many runners that wear contacts favor dailies due to their comfort and versatility. Moreover, they won’t dry out as much as weeklies would because you are opening up a fresh pair every day. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about protein build-up or having to clean them every time you want to wear them. Weeklies also have their own benefits as well. Instead of having to change them every day, you can plop them on after a cleaning session and start your run.

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