Study: Older Alcoholics Drink More than Younger Ones

Article by Only Health News.

A report delivered at the Atlanta of the Gerontological Society of America’s November 2009 meeting highlights the issues associated with providing alcohol addiction treatment for the elderly. According to HealthDay, the study shows a correlation between age and levels of drinking, with older alcoholics tending to consume more drinks than younger alcoholics.

According to the study, alcoholics over the age of 60 consume an average of 40 alcoholic drinks per week, while younger alcoholics average 25 to 30 drinks per week. Older alcoholics also tend to binge drink more frequently, a common problem dealt with in alcohol rehab.

“A combination of high levels of drinking and the physiological effects of aging are particularly problematic for older adults,” said Linda Ginzer, co-author of the study and a doctoral student in social work at Ohio State University.

Ginzer also suggested that binge drinking might be a better indication of a serious problem that requires help in an alcohol and drug addiction center than the number of drinks consumed per week.