Stay Warm and Healthy this Winter

With winter here, most of us will be doing everything we can to stay inside where it’s nice and warm. We’ll also be taking extra steps to stay healthy. They don’t call it “cold and flu season” for nothing. Though our regimens may include extra layers, extra vitamins and more sleep, most of us will miss out on doing something very important that could be the difference between greeting spring with a spring in our step or feeling ill the entire time.

Your furnace might help fight the winter blues by keeping you warm, but it can also be working against you. That’s because if your residential air filter isn’t working properly, your furnace is essentially spreading around dirty air full of debris, dirt and other pollutants.

When you turn your heat on, your furnace answers the call by sucking in air which it warms up and then sends throughout your home. If this air is dirty, all that warm air you’re enjoying could be making it harder to breath or causing other issues.

Fortunately, this problem can be easily addressed for an affordable price too. 3M filters are all you need and they can be purchased for very little. Installation is also quick, which means you can begin using your heat again in no time without having to worry that you’re making yourself sick.


Article submitted by Your Filter Connection.  The company sells all kinds of home air filter solutions for your furnace and air conditioning systems. Brands include Honeywell and 3M filters.