Risk Factors for Drug Abuse in Early Childhood Development

Article by Only Health News.

There are too many internal and external factors at play to ever be able to accurately predict which children are the most at-risk for drugs and alcohol problems or who will eventually need addiction treatment. However, the experiences that children have very early in their development can have a significant impact on their attitudes towards drugs and their level of risk for developing the type of addiction that ends with a stay in a drug rehab facility.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has developed a set of risk factors for drug addiction in early childhood development, focusing on how children’s relationships with their parents impact their later attitudes towards drugs. A child with parents who are ineffectual, not caring and nurturing or abuse drugs is more likely to have drug abuse problems as they mature. As they become young adults, associating with drug abusing peers is the main risk factor that can lead to drug addiction and treatment in a drug addiction center.