Increase Sexual Gratification with Laser Vaginal Surgery

Board certified plastic surgeons can be found all over the Northwest for vaginal plastic surgery in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and more.  Board certified surgeons are required to take a written test every 10 years and are required to post their malpractice suits on board websites in most states. Using a board certified surgeon gives you the confidence that you are making the right decision when choosing a vaginal rejuvenation surgeon.

Although it can be used for medical reconstruction after a traumatic birth, laser vaginal surgery can also be used to increase sexual gratification during foreplay and intercourse. Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation only lasts an hour on an outpatient basis.  It increases vaginal muscle tone, strength, control, and diameter. Sexual gratification is lost when the vaginal passage becomes relaxed after childbirth or age.

Other problems associated with pelvic relaxation are urinary incontinence, when the muscles are so relaxed that the woman finds it difficult to hold her urine. Running, jumping and even sneezing can cause uncomfortable urinary release in inconvenient locations. While Kegel exercises can minimize these problems, Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation is considered one of the most effective ways to return to a normal lifestyle.

Healing for LVR is rapid, and women can return to their daily activities in a short period of time. The LVR procedure is bloodless and relatively painless considering other options. Many women report that they are happy with their choice to undergo LVR. Using a personal recommendation from an acquaintance, friend or family member is a great way to find a trustworthy plastic surgeon.

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