How to Clean Your Teeth Like a Dentist Would

Wish you could visit the dentist everyday? Love that clean feeling you get when you leave, but hate the discomfort you get from the process of getting there? If so, then read on for tips on giving yourself the same deep clean you would expect from the dentist’s chair in your own home from Dr. Sid Solomon.

Proper Technique

Proper brushing technique is an important part of oral healthcare. If you’re not properly brushing, you could see problems even if you’re brushing everyday.

First, don’t go to sleep without giving your mouth a once over. Even a quick brush half exhausted is better than nothing. Brushing rids the mouth of germs and plaque, so hit the sink before you hit the sheets.

Move the brush in circular motions and press gently against the teeth. Don’t press too hard or you may damage your teeth or enamel. As far as toothpaste selection, the only thing that matters is whether the toothpaste has fluoride in it. Flouride fights tooth decay, like a protective wall for the teeth.

Tips and Tricks

Mouthwash is optional, but worth considering. Mouthwash essentially allows you to flush out those hard to reach areas in your mouth, in addition to whatever plaque-fighting agents may be active in the formula.

If you drink more water, especially if you drink after every meal, you will most likely wash away the sticky and acidic foods we eat on a daily basis.