Benefits of Emu Oil

Although commercial Emu farming for products including pure Emu oil is a fairly recent development, the oil of the Emu is actually a substance that has been used since ancient times. For many millennia, this oil has been considered a source of healing, energy, and life for the Aborigines native to Australia. This reputation is well-deserved–research has shown that the substance possesses anti-inflammatory and natural nourishing properties, making the emu oil product industry both relevant and important to those who are looking for natural health options. Beyond the health studies–which are of course essential but not always an indication of how much actual pain relief and soothing a substance can offer in real-world-use–Emu oil has proven itself to a number of users already, who have found it to provide amazing results for a variety of ailments.

Emu oil is, of course, derived from the fat of the birds, which are native to Australia. The oil has a PH balance that is very similar to human skin. It contains important nutrients such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, essential fatty acids. More importantly, the oil has the ability to penetrate through all five layers of the human epidermis to actually deliver those nutrients.