What is an implant tooth?

In movies that do not use verbal humor but non-verbal, almost every time the idea of a missing tooth causes laughter among the audience. Whether it is the proverbial Charlie Chaplin for adults or the Looney Tunes cartoons for kids, it seems like a dental payment plan is of no consequence to these chirpy and fun-loving fictional critters.

However, in the real world, things are a bit different in similar circumstances when a person is missing a tooth that can lead to much embarrassment. Gone are the days when one will wait all night for the tooth fairy to leave her little gift and instead, a doctor’s appointment is made to obtain an implant tooth.

Well, the truth is that taking care of your teeth is important, and can’t be put off until the time when the need for implants is required. But for those who have lost teeth, the root that once held the tooth in place is also lost. And this leads to bone resorption which is better avoided in the long run, not unless you are comfortable living on a liquid diet.

So, for most people in this category who have neglected the aspect of dental care, the implant denture works wonders. In fact, an implant tooth is the only solution for those who need to consider a restoration procedure for their teeth.

All the same, it doesn’t hurt to not take yourself so seriously while flashing your pearly whites and even one of them are missing. Well, what do you know… there’s humor in that too!