Obesity is Not Letting You Have a Baby

Who knew that obesity would affect our chances of conceiving a child? As a human being it is natural to want to procreate and become a family with a person by your side, but nobody saw it coming about obesity is leading to infertility.

There have been several studies to prove that obesity has a big impact on becoming fertile. “Studies have highlighted the link between obesity, infertility and adverse reproductive health outcome.” There’s also a study done to women to connect infertility with obesity, like the study done by researcher Jan Willem van der Steeg, MD, of Amsterdam’s Academic Medical Center.


One of the infertility solutions is the lap band. The lap band surgery has been approved by the FDA , the lap band system has helped the patient to eat less food and feel fuller for longer time. This method has helped thousands of patients to reach their goal weight and become healthier and change their life style. John Dixon, MD, head of the Obesity Research Unit, Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, states, “…there’s an important consideration for women who have had troubling conceiving due to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a condition linked to obesity. Some women with PCOS can quickly become fertile when they lose weight, even if they were infertile before surgery, and need to be aware that they may become pregnant.”

The lap band procedure is quick and effective. This procedure is more effective than any other procedure since it offers fewer risks and faster recovery. In most cases it is done laparoscopy, using general anesthesia. It takes no more than 60 minutes for the procedure to be completed. The lap band cost can run from $14,000-$16,000, depends on patient medical history. There are payment options from insurance, financing and payment plans.

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