Medical Breakthrough: Artificial Kidneys

Article by Bill Kevorkian of Health and Fitness Centre

The heart, the liver, the kidneys and the pancreas are the most important organs in a human’s body. Damage one of these and you are on your way to a lot of discomfort and a lot of pain, worst case scenario is you die. Healthy living is what will ensure that these vital organs stay in tip top shape, however, with today’s society, healthy living is practically taboo. This is why medical doctors have found ways to prolong the lives of people who don’t take care of their body well enough. For the heart, you can have a by-pass surgery to remove the clots caused by cholesterol in the heart. A heart transplant is another way to save a human’s life when their heart has completely given out. A liver transplant can help people with liver problems. Kidney transplants can help people with kidney problems. There is still no substitute for the pancreas and a pancreas transplant is still unheard of, so if you damage your pancreas, you are as good as dead.

Recently in medical study, doctors have explored the possibility of using artificial kidneys to help people who have chronic kidney diseases. As you know, the kidneys are responsible for cleansing the blood in the body. If the kidneys fail, the liver will too and then eventually the heart will too. However, there are fewer kidneys available for use for transplants, so doctors thought about artificial kidneys instead. The artificial kidney mimics the real one. Tests are still being done and engineers are still trying to mimic the real kidney, so until an artificial kidney is complete, people who suffer from chronic kidney failure will just have to wait.