How Do You Define Abundance?

Article by The Global Spiritualist Association

You can ask a hundred people this question and get almost as many answers. People have various opinions about what abundance really means. The dictionary defines it as having a lot of something. If you have a hundred pairs of shoes, that would be considered abundant. Or if you own four or five houses or cars.

Though having material possessions is great, there’s also the idea of having a peaceful life and a happy heart. For this, it may take some work. To have peace, you must examine your own heart and see if you have jealousy, greed or other issues there. Perfecting a human being can take a lifetime and many of us work on our inner problems for years.

Meditating can help. Take some time for yourself to relax and reflect on what’s important to you. Reading books on how to create inner peace can be helpful as well. There’s quite a bit of information available these days on the topic of how to live in abundance.

Remember that our time here on earth is brief. It’s important to enjoy each moment. Don’t take joy or happiness for granted. Be thankful each day for all your blessings. Reach out to others less fortunate and help them. This often helps to build character in us. Don’t forget to take care of your physical body. Staying healthy is a great way to feel that you have an abundant life. For many, having a spiritual relationship with a higher being brings peace.

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